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Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
. the dalai lama has urged china to invest gate self emulations in tibet. at least eight have been reported in the last week in china's tibet region. activists say they are protests to highlight how unhappy they are with chinese rule. the hindu festival is being celebrated. festivities take place over a number of days, but today is the main focus of family traditions. >> the hindu festival of lights is being celebrated across india. a wide variety of items that people decorate their homes with, you'll find people wearing new and colorful clothes over the five day festivities. it's also considered a good time to buy cars, homes and jewelry. that's because it's a festival honoring the god es of wealth, lakshima. it's tradition to offer prayers, and that's what's happening here in our office. it's considered a particularly nice spirit, so even though it is a national holiday, stock markets are open for trading. but it is at nighttime when india's streets really come alive with the festivities. homes and shops are lit up with hundreds of lights and fire crackers are burst as families come toget
Nov 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
foreign lawmakers and media organizations. >>> tibet's spiritual leader delivered a message to japan and the world. he says peace must be built through dialogue in the 21st century. he's currently visiting the southern japanese prefecture of okinawa. he went to see the tower, which is dedicated to a unit of high school girls who served as nurses during world war ii. in nahi city, the dhe said many precious and innocent lives were lost in the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. he said people must respect others with different views. >> now we should try, we should make an effort to build this century central with dialogue and peace. >> he said if each person finds peace within his or her heart and spreads that to their family and community, it should be bring about good results in 10 to 20 years. >>> the koala maybe the best loved animal, but in the east of the country its listed as a tleptenned species. over the past few decades the koala bear has been declining. >> this is the icon of australia, but it's a hospital where they care for injured and diseased koalas. the doctors
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
, causing at least 46 vehicles to become damaged in a multicar pileup in the beijing tibet expressway. unfortunately, one person did die in this accident. another five were injured. following the accident, three people were trapped in the wreckage. local firefighters and nearby motorists helped to free them after a three-hour ordeal. now, it's still very cold in the region, but thankfully that snow has started to taper off now. heading back to our bigger picture, we'll be seeing pretty clear conditions for the rest of china, but down towards the south we've got this rain band maybe bringing about 50 millimeters of rain in some places so, fairly significant. some showers for western indochina as well as for the philippines. temperatures down here are going to be pretty comfortable, 34 degrees in manila, even on the hot side. in, but 17 degrees in hong kong. further up towards the north, minus 15 in ulan bator, and that's your high, remember, on tuesday, 16 in beijiaeijing and seoul. quite quiet in the americas. we are watching the east for stormy activity moving in towards the mid-atla
Nov 28, 2012 6:00am PST
with self imgreat fors. 400 demonstrators protested in tibet. >> you cannot talk about religion, and you cannot, you know, say anything against the government. >> reporter: the tibetan government in exile says the situation is desperate in chinese provinces. it's said 72 tibetans in china have set fire to themselves this year. 60 of them died. the chinese government claims that the lalama encourages their actions. china and the deli lama have held negotiations since 2002. the dalchina's position hasle n changed since january of 2010. china's leadership transition began this month. tibetan leaders hope that wednesday's demonstration will add pressure to those taking power in beijing to return to the negotiationing table. . >>> police in bangladesh have arrested three managers from a garment factory where a deadly fire erupted last weekend. they'll be investigated on suspicion of negligence. textile workers are demandsing those responsible are punished and safety standards tightened. the first garment factory blaze erupted on saturday. at least 112 people died and 150 were injured. survivo
Nov 18, 2012 10:00am PST
on tibet. >>> we have a special commemoration today of what many say is the world's greatest work of art, michelangelo's ceiling of the sistine chapel in the vatican. it's en 0 years since that masterpiece was first opened to public view. as lucky severson reports, michelangelo's images have shaped the way millions of people think of god. and they still provoke controversy about exactly what michelangelo had in mind about the relationship between man and god. >> reporter: of all the magnificence of the vatican, there is likely nothing of more artistic consequence than the pope's own personal chapel within the vatican -- the sistine chapel, more specifically its ceiling. it took michelangelo buonarroti four long years to paint the famed ceiling and 500 years later it stands for many as the most powerful portrayal of man's relationship to god. art historian bridget goodbody. >> it wouldn't be too hard to say that it's the most important piece of art that's ever been made. >> reporter: important not only to catholics, but to christians of many denominations. in california, at the menlo park
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am EST
to the organization free tibet, the 15-year-old tibetan monk has died -- they set themselves a light in zeshan province where many self immolations have taken place. let's talk about the speech given today, early this morning, by president hu jintao. to discuss it with me, i have a senior china economist with ihhs global. like anybody else, i am sure you have been digesting the speech. what do you make of that? >> not the time for hu jintao to come up with grant new policy measures, it is the end of his term. to recap and make a stamp on his legacy. >> very early on in his speech he started talking about corruption, the inequality of wealth. has anything changed over his 10 years? >> in terms of corruption, it is very difficult not to address corruption demanding bo xilai scandal and "the new york times" piece on both wealth of wen jiabao. benowitz they disputed. but he came in in that early 2000's, 10 years. scientific development -- all of those metrics, china has gone back or even as it become a world economic power. >> he was talking about his legacy. actually in many ways he was laying ou
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
two far. >> it's called the three ts, right, it is tibet, taiwan and teenmen that you don't talk about. >> reporter: but she is seeing china change. when high ranking political leader zo xilai recently was brought down by scandal his wife convicted of killing a british businessman millions of others joined her in a freewheeling internet discussion. >> it's a huge crack in the wall for sure because i don't think any political problem has been so played out in public ever before. >> her mother was arrested during the cultural revolution. she once wants her daughter's china to be a more open place, she hopes new leaders picked that the party congress will be agents of change. >> the change in leadership gives people reason to hope. there's an opportunity there. >> possibility of change. >> there's a possibility, right, exactly. >> reporter: if not hung huang will speak out, bill whitaker, cbs news, beijing. >> jeff: just ahead, remembering a young american soldier shot to death by a supposed afghan ally. the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your per
Nov 18, 2012 7:00am EST
don't think the policy on tibet will change anytime soon. that is a tough issue. many people domestically in china and abroad are working on this issue. i don't see any immediate changes under the new leadership. host: are the roots to that? guest: tibet to them is a court sovereignty issue. they frankly have never had a very inviting policy on tibet. it is the same with jingdao which is a big region with ethnic and charities. those two areas have been particularly tough for beijing and they have taken a hard-line and vela as this is our first -- and view it as this is our territory. host: we talked about taiwan but kerri has some other countries is interested in -- guest: japan has become a bit of a worst relationship in the near term. we think that relationship will probably be a tough one to result primarily over the island sovereignty issues. there is historical animosity between china and japan. we think the issue will loom pretty large in part because of what i said before with china trying to become a maritime power and that concerns the japanese and we have japanese e
Nov 25, 2012 3:00pm PST
're a carpenter, you're placed in a hammer, so you get the idea. then in tibet -- and we talked about this earlier, so they have sky burials. now where does this term sky burial come from? it's not that they're buried in the sky. but when a person dies, three days after they die, they have body breakers who come out to the site of the burial location and they chop up the body. now, why do they do that? it's a way so that the vultures the and nature can take its course and so that those remains are then taken up into the sky. at least that's the idea. >> i don't know what the union must by for body breakers, but it must be incredible. there must be alternatives here. >> there are. some look at our culture might think it's odd that we put makeup on our deceased so we can have a final moment with them. if you have the money you can have a space burial. we've heard about this. you can send your remains up to space. you can turn your ashes into gems, diamonds, right? and there's also coral reefs. you can have your remains turned into coral reefs. >> thank you very much. some of the options to think abo
Nov 11, 2012 6:30pm PST
or whatever, taiwan, tibet, they're all over. when it doesn't involve that, you know, you can basically do what you want. you start a business, et cetera. so we want them to allow their people to have more a sort of liberal, normal life, as times goes on, which i -- and the government it's a country becoming more confident with a government that's still sort of nervous antique. it's a dick cheney government with, if not a barack obama, an fdr type nation behind it. here's an illustration. before the olympics, the foreign ministry said, "we're going to have an authorized protest zone so that everybody can say," you know, the beijing olympics, four years ago, "we're going to show the world we can tolerate protest." when people applied to protest, they were all arrested. so there's parts of the government that say, "this would look good, to allow a protest." there's parts that say, "we can't tolerate this. we're going to arrest people." >> did it strike you during the campaign, jim, that neither romney nor obama mentioned human rights in china? >> they didn't, which is part of the -- nobody m
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in tibet to undermine the people's republic of china, stop it. so that's number one. we spent nearly half a billion dollars in intelligence operations to undermine the islamic republic. we need to stop that as we did with china. the second thing is to put a moratorium on the constant assistant patrols right of china's shore. we can do something also to demonstrate it is there to protect american interests, not to arrive and undermined iranian interests. those are two concrete as we can do in conjunction with having a serious broad agenda for strategic realignment with the united states and the islamic republic of iran. that's the formula to work with china and should be of the stride with the islamic republic of iran. [applause] >> if we widen the negotiations to cover more topics, how do we deal with the diminishing prospects for a two state israeli-palestinian solution and how to reconstruct some thing that does not lead gcc states to think that their interest in the golfer are being sacrificed? >> i think if we reach a deal with iran doesn't need the gcc states should feel the united s
Nov 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
tibet. this will create difficult policy charges no doubt in these choices are unlikely to be solved without national leadership, which is the topic of today. says jason mentioned were going to release the full recommendation in january. today's early releases focusing on improving energy policy development, implementation and accountability in the executive branch. we think that was the time to release recommendations just as the president is regarding the second term and escarpment and policy agenda. i think it would be a good value waiting until january to release the forward order. specifically, the first recommendation focuses on creating a new national energy council charged with both developing a national energy strategy and providing ordination on all the branch energy. the second recommendations requires quick overview and implements a strategy. together these recommendations, which combined white house intent of the leadership, agency expertise and stakeholder involvement can help create a more inclusive, balanced and entering pass to meet our long-term energy needs. so our
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)